Digital image production

SCHÄFER is a small production Company based in Amsterdam and specializes in ART, COUNTER CULTURE and NATURE.

Visit out Vimeo page to see all our productions.

Showreel 2020

Behind the scenes of one of our productions in 2018

Showreel 2014


Sure, we have to pay our rent, but beyond that money doesn’t hold our interest. Artistic freedom, quality and integrity does. For us, these are important and not simply selling points to make money. Our goal is to make the highest quality video’s and photos available to everyone, not only to big companies.

We don’t do any work for capitalist companies or lend ourselves to green-washing of any kind.

If you are a non-profit organisation, start-up, activist group, artist or cultural institute, we are the production house for you. If you are Shell, Apple or Monsanto, you are the problem and will never be part of the solution.

Feel free to contact us and brainstorm about your project or campaign. Every meaningful cooperation starts with a conversation.